Services From a Single Source

Manas’s specialists work primarily in the fields of design, marketing (online and offline), sales, development, design modelling, trade fairs and film.

Design Services – Transporting Emotions

Design is the interlinking of form and function with emotion. It plays a key role in the development process of cars and aircraft,

Chassis Development

Many new developments in the automotive sector are shifting the focus increasingly towards the chassis.

Engineering Services

Increasing quality requirements and high process reliability play a major role at car manufacturers and automotive suppliers.


Rising demands for driving dynamics accompanied by low exhaust emissions and lower fuel consumption – these are the challenges for engine and powertrain development.




What We Believe In?

We absolutely believe in;

Science, Engineering and Endless Necessity of Continuous Advancement

In this perspective, it will be our major mission and an indispensable principle to make advanced engineering and R&D processes more efficient and to provide;

    Qualified, Reliable and Competitive

Products and Services for our Customers, Partners, Country and the Globe.